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T&C's on our Birch Tree Cottage Workshop Coal Bunkers, Log Stores and our smaller products: 


We offer free delivery on most of our smaller products, such as our coal bunkers and log stores and our turn around for delivery is 7 to 14 days normally but during busy periods may take longer as we need to replenish our stock.

Please be aware that on made to order products and/or products treated in Sadolin Super dec, Satin finish, our aim is to deliver your product inside a period of 28 days but during busy periods may take a little longer. Bespoke items are made to clients specifications and as such, cannot be exchanged/refunded.

We know that sooner is better than later, but hand crafted quality cannot be rushed and your delivery time will depend on the beautiful Scottish weather and the amount of orders we are dealing with at any given time. 

Returns on Coal bunkers, log stores etc. If there is a problem with our product, please email us and return the item within 14 days. Buyer pays return postage, and Birch Tree Cottage Workshop will make a full refund.

Cancellations can be made in writing within 48 hours of placing your order and we will refund you, less 10% towards our administration costs.

Payments can be made:

pay zone card machine

Over the phone:
Your deposits and final payments can now be taken over the phone and we except most major card payments.

Bank Transfer:
We will confirm your payment on receipt of in coming payments.

We can email on a Paypal invoice to be paid via a card payment online.


Please note that sizes printed throughout our website are approximate to the nearest cm and we reserve the right to change design and details without notice in order to enhance productivity and/or quality of the product.

There is no VAT to pay on our products as yet and all items supplied by us remains the property of Birch Tree Cottage Workshop until paid for in full.


T&C's on Large items such as Shed/Work Shop/Home office/Stable/s from Birch Tree Cottage Workshop:

After building your Shed/Work Shop/Home office/Stable/s etc into sections here at Birch Tree Cottage Workshop, we will load up and deliver to your site. It usually takes approximately one day per unit to assemble them on site depending on size, and we aim to be on site for 8am each working day. 

Stables, Field Shelters and larger products such as our premium quality posh range of Home Offices, Hobby Rooms, Gyms, She Sheds and Workshops, may have a delivery charge depending on the value of the order and where you live, please check the individual item notes or feel free to contact us via email with your post code for more details.

Preparing Your Site:
Before you can take delivery of your buildings you will need to have your base prepared. In the case of Mobile Stables and Mobile Field Shelters we will require a flat and level area. Large Sheds/Workshops/Home offices and Stable buildings require a concrete base with a single course of brickwork. We will e-mail a base plan to you with the necessary details to complete these works. It is very important that these works are carried out properly.  If in our opinion the base does not meet the required standards, we reserve the right not to erect the building and if any abortive visit/s are made to effect delivery, the Customer will bear the cost of subsequent deliveries which Birch Tree Cottage Workshop will invoice for at the lower than actual cost, or 25% of the contract price. Payment in respect of such invoice/s must be made before a further visit is made to effect delivery/assembly.

Delivery/Accessibility to site:
Please let us know if we are unable to offload on site, (where the building or unit/s will be assembled) we have a LWB Sprinter van and trailer, or for larger orders a lorry may deliver and will not be able to "Off Road" as such. If this is the case, are there any other means of getting the sections to the site? Do the sections need to go through or around the house, are there any walls, steps, narrow or low passages to negotiate? Please advice so that we can plan for these, as any unplanned waiting time onsite may be charged for at cost.
While we will endeavour to meet any agreed delivery date we reserve the right to change the agreed delivery date in the event of unforeseen occurrences and we shall not be liable to you for any loss or inconvenience arising out of a delayed delivery date.

All quotes given via email, telephone etc, will be honour for the period of 30 days from date our quote is sent out. After this period we will need to revise, or re-quote as our timber prices fluctuate throughout the year.

We ask for a 25% deposit once your order is confirmed and finalised, this will be deducted from the total sum and will book your project into our diary. 
We will email on an invoice to be paid by card payment, or it can be paid through a bank transfer and we will email out a receipt for you. 
The balance can either be paid Cash on Delivery, a final payment via bank transfer or invoice, which ever is best for you. 
However, please confirm via email which method you prefer to make your payments through, so that we can add your preferred method to our paperwork and there is no misunderstandings along the way. 

We would ask that you are present on the day of your delivery/assembly, so that we can ensure that you are happy with your building/unit/s and collect the final payment from you.

We do not take any responsibility for Planning permissions that may be required in your area. If you have any doubts, his should be looked into by the client before placing an order.

If for any reason your circumstances change and you are unable to go forward with the project, please let us know as soon a you can and we will see what we can do in order to help the situation. Your deposit will be refunded in full, less a 10% administration charge. 

The purchaser must grant us the right to re-enter his/her premises for the purpose of removing the building/units should the full payment not be made upon completion.  This permission cannot be revoked by the customer. 
All products belong to Birch Tree Cottage Workshop until they are paid for in full.

Roofing materials, are particularly susceptible to the weather conditions and may deteriorate and need to be replaced and/or maintained within the lifetime of the timber structure.  We exclude liability for any damage caused to our buildings by severe wind or extreme weather conditions.  Field Shelters are particularly vulnerable and we additionally exclude liability for any damage caused by wind or weather unless the mode of fixing down has been agreed with ourselves and confirmed by us in writing. 

Our buildings are designed for, and supplied for, the purposes set out on our web site. If you purchase a building for a different use it is your obligation to draw this use to our notice in writing, so that we can make sure the building is fit for purpose. We accept no liability if you do not do so. Our liability shall in no circumstances exceed the contract price and unless we have otherwise agreed in writing, we do not accept liability for consequential loses.

Please let us have your feedback on both your experience with us and your thoughts on our product/s. It is always good to hear from our clients after we have delivered/assembled their order/s.

In the event that any part of the building or product should be faulty when you inspect it on completion, we will replace or repair the damage free of charge. After we have left the premises, if there is a problem, you have 14 days to contact Birch Tree Cottage Workshop via email or telephone to see what can be done to put things right, in the meantime, please do not make any modifications to the product and we will make arrangements with you to rectify any issues or make a refund accordingly.

Your Statutory Rights are not affected by these Terms and Conditions.

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