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Birch Tree Cottage Workshop's Standard Stables

All of our Stables are Craftsman built, here in our workshop and then delivered and assembled to your site. 
We use Tanalised 16mm quality Scandinavian Redwood for our Stables and they are built to last. Please see specifications below for more information on our stables and field shelter upgrades.

Standard Range 12' x 12'  Stable by Birch Tree outage Workshop.

Standard Stable in 16mm Tanalised quality Red Wood on brick plan base.

The internals of our Standard 12' x 12' Standard Stable, by Birch Tree Cottage Workshop.

Stable kick boards in 11mm OS Board to 4' as standard. Can be upgraded to 18mm OS Board.

Sky light can be fitted in our Standard 12' x 12' Stable or other buildings by Birch Tree Cottage Workshop.

Perspex Sky light is available as an extra option for your stable etc.

Bespoke Stable block built by Birch Tree Cottage.

We also undertake large bespoke projects such as Yards and Stable combination units, please email us with your requirements for a competitive price.

Bespoke Stable Yard built by Birch Tree Cottage.

View of back yard of the above.

Stable, Hay Store and Tack Room on Galvanised Steel Sledge by Birch Tree Cottage Workshop.

Standard style Stable box, Hay Store and Tack Room on Galvanised Steel Sledge.


Field Shelters:

The internals of our Windy Fell Field Shelter, with slatted walls by Birch Tree Cottage Workshop.

Internal view of our "Windy Fell Field Shelter" with kick boards to 4' and Galvanised Steel Sledge shown.

Our Standard Style 18' x 12' Field Shelter by Birch Tree Cottage Workshop.

Our "Standard Field Shelter," client requested one single opening on this 18' x 12' on pressure treated timber sledge.

On the left, Slatted Windy Fell style walls and on the Right our Standard style, by Birch Tree Cottage Workshop.

On the left side, the internal slatted walls of our "Windy Fell Field Shelter," and on the right the walls of our "Standard Field Shelter". You can mix and match as they are all the same price. 

Small Apex Stables and Field Shelters by Birch Tree Cottage Workshop.

This field shelter has an Apex roof and built in our "Windy Fell" style on timber skids, measuring 10' x 12' with galvanised steel gate and OSB kick boards to 4'.


How we work:

Once we know exactly what you require, we will ask for a 25% deposit to book your order into our work diary, and book in a proposed date for your delivery. Then we will build the sections here in our workshop, arrange and finalise with you to make sure that you are ready for the delivery and assembly of the items. 
The final payment is due on delivery/assembly. 
For larger orders such as stable/mixed blocks we may ask for a further 25% before delivery then balance on completion.
We will work quickly and efficiently while on your premises, with the least amount of fuss and inconvenience to you and your yard/premises and leave it tidy and clean again.


Make your payments by Pay Zone card machine to Birch Tree Cottage Workshop.

Over the phone:
Your deposits and final payments can now be taken over the phone and we except all major card payments.

Bank Transfer:
We will confirm your payment on receipt of in coming payments.

We can email on a Paypal invoice to be paid via a card payment online.

Standard Stable built in high quality Log Board by Birch Tree Cottage Workshop.

Stable upgraded to 20mm Tanalised Log board on Tanalised Timber Skids.

The internals of our Standard 12' x 12' Stable by Birch Tree Cottage Workshop.

Stable Internals

Standard 12' x 12' Stable with an upgrade to T&G timbers by Birch Tree Cottage Workshop.

Stable's 3' underlined overhang with OSB but can be upgraded to T&G as an  optional extra.

A bespoke Stable with Hay Store and Tack Room by Birch Tree Cottage Workshop.

Stable showing Hay Store section and bespoke windows on Stable boxes.

Double Stable block of two x 12' x 12' boxes, by Birch Tree Cottage Workshop.

This is two x 12' x 12' Stable Boxes from our "Standard Range" on Galvanised Steel Sledge

Field Shelters:

A 24' x 12' Field Shelter by Birch Tree Cottage workshop.

This one is a "Windy Fell Field Shelter" cross "Standard", with two solid walls and two slatted for extra air flow, OSB kick boards to 4', size 24' x 12' on a galvanised steel sledge.

A 12' x 12' Windy Fell Field Shelter by Birch Tree Cottage Workshop.

This 12' x 12'Windy Fell Field Shelter has slatted walls all round, and on a pressure treated timber sledge, client did not want kick boards but asked for the 6mm Ply instead.

Pygmy Goat House.

Pygmy house at 8' x 12' by Birch Tree Cottage Workshop.

This one was built for Pygmy Goats and is 10' x 8' with lower bottom door and fixed to clients concrete base.

Small Pent, Windy Fell Style Field Shelter by Birch Tree Cottage Workshop.

This field shelter has a Pent roof and built in our "Windy Fell" style, on timber skids, measuring 8'x12' with a wooden gate, ply wood kick boards and x2 sky lights for Alpaca's. You can choose either OSB or Ply wood kick boards up to 4'.


Our Pictures were taken during projects, on our clients premises at the time of the building work. The buildings are the real thing, taken in weather conditions at the time. Spec's may vary from pictures of client's different requests.


Contact us with any queiries regarding your requirements, any upgrades, deliveries etc at:

Birch Tree Cottage Workshop

Tel: 01387 375376
Birch Tree Cottage Workshop

A Sample of prices for our most popular Stables:

Please email with your requirements and we will quote a competitive price.

 Stables fixed/no skids:
 Apex Roof:
 Pent Roof:
 Single on it's own:
 12' x 12' 
 Second box/ part of block:
 12' x 12' 
 Each add on box there after:
 12' x 12'
 Add on box:
 12' x 14'
 Add on tack room:
 12' x 6'
 Add on tack room: 
 12' x 8'
 Hay Store:
 12' x 18'
 Single mini fixed/no skids:
   9' x 9'
 Single mini fixed/no skids:
 10' x 8'

A sample of prices for our most popular Windy Feel & Standard Style Field Shelters on timber skids:

Specifications for Standard Range of Stables.

Wall Cladding: Selected 19mm x 125mm when dressed, high quality Scandinavian Redwood Ship Lap cladding, Tanalised, pressure treated for longer maintenance free life, all fixed with rust resisting nails.
You can upgrade to 22mm Log Board or Essex Feather board at extra cost.

Roof Construction: Purlins are 75mm x 50mm (3”x 2” CLS) at 600mm (2') centres on prefabricated trusses at 6’ centres, and covered with black Onduline roofing sheets. Clear roofing sheets (sky lights) can be fitted at extra cost to each Stable, Tack Room, Corner unit or Field Shelter. 
Roof lining can be added at extra cost and optional roofing materials can be  black or coloured Onduline, felt, felt tiles or box profile with anti condensation guard.

Windows: One opening window fitted with Perspex is fitted to each loose box measuring (26” x 20”) and is protected by solid metal bars and spaced at 75mm (3”) centres. Windows can be left open for extra air flow.

Doors: Stable doorways stand at 2085mm (6’ 10”) high, 1200mm (4’) wide x 50mm (2”) thick. Bottom doors are lined with Ply and top doors which can be added at extra cost are ledged and braced. 

Anti-chew stripes are fitted to the top of the lower door and extend  380mm (15”) down front of the door. All door fittings are heavy duty, galvanised tee hinges, kick bolts and cabin hooks. Tack Room doors are ledged and braced and fitted with a galvanised pad bolt.

Overhang or Canopy: Front Overhangs extend to 900mm (3’) unless stated other wise, and are underlined with OSB but an upgrade to T&G is available as an extra option.

Barge Boards: All in pressure-treated timber and fixed with rust resisting nails.

Kick-boards: Loose Boxes can be lined to 120cm (4’) with 11mm OS Board or 6m Plywood and can be to full height to eaves if required as an extra option. 
An upgrade to 18mm OSB can also be added as an extra option.

Hay stores/Tack-rooms are not lined as standard but this can be added at extra cost if required.

Height: Height to eaves 2235mm (7’4”) and to the ridge 2845mm (9’4”) including brickwork.

Field Shelter Openings: Our Standard Field Shelter openings are 2.4m (8’) wide. Our Field Shelters measuring 3.6m (12’) and 5.4m (18’) have a single opening and our 7.2m (24’) and our 10.9m (36’) have two openings as standard. 
Other options are available on request and we will let you know if there is any charge, for example, a 9' field shelter may have a 6' opening.

Timber Skids: Our Timber Skids measure 6” x 3” and are pressure treated for longer life and 2” x 2” steel is incorporated and towing straps can be supplied at extra cost.

Metal Skids: Galvanised metal skids are available as an upgrade and towing straps can also be supplied as an optional extra.


Black Guttering can be added as an optional extra.

Metal or Timber Gates: Metal or Timber Gates can be added to our Field Shelters and/or Hay Stores as optional extra’s.

Talk Grilles: Can be fitted between our Loose Boxes as optional extra’s.

Ventilation: Louvered ventilation grills are fitted to gable ends of Loose Boxes only.

Wall Construction: Walls are built with 75mm x 50mm (3”x2”) CLS timber framing spaced at 600mm (2’) centres.


Free Delivery up to 50 miles from Birch Tree Cottage Workshop base, plus any Ferry charges that may be necessary in order to deliver to you. 

For full Yards and orders over x4 units we will quote your delivery charge on a percentage of the order value and quote you a price before your order is placed.

Delivery costs summary from our workshop but please give us your post code for a free delivery quote to your site:


DIY Flat pack deliveries for self assembly:

You can make savings by ordering your Stable or Field Shelter in flat pack form to save the assembly costs if you have the man power to assemble yourselves. 

Assembly charges:

Assembly charges will be calculated on the quantity/size of units ordered, we will include this into your quote from the start so that you know that there are no hidden extra's.


Please note that there may be different planning requirements in your own area and we do not hold any responsibilities, these are the clients responsibility to be dealt with accordingly in your own area.

We can build/deliver and assemble any size structure required including L shape blocks and U shape blocks and timber barns. Please let us know what you need and we will quote you a competitive price. 


Terms & Conditions:

DIY Assembly:

After building your Shed/Work Shop/Home office/Stable/s etc, into unit sections/panels here at Birch Tree Cottage Workshop, we will deliver to your site for you to assemble yourselves. This saves on labour costs for the number of workers required to travel and perhaps for stay out payments needed for our staff while working away. 


After building your Shed/Work Shop/Home office/Stable/s etc into unit sections here at Birch Tree Cottage Workshop, we will load and deliver to your site then assemble it/them for you on site. We have an assembly charge for this service which will added to your quote from the beginning so that you are aware of the cost.
It usually takes approximately one day per unit to assemble them for you depending on size, and we aim to be on site for 8am each working day. 

Accessibility to site:

Please let us know if we are able to off load on site, (where the unit/s will be assembled) we have a LWB Sprinter van and trailer or for larger orders a lorry will deliver panels on pallets and will not be able to "Off Road" as such. If this is not possible, are there any other means of taking the sections across to the site? Please advice when placing your order as any accumulating waiting time onsite will be charged for at cost.


We ask for a 25% deposit once your order is confirmed, this will be deducted from the total sum. This can be paid by card payment over the telephone or through a bank transfer for which details will be forwarded on.
The remaining balance can either be paid Cash on Delivery, or a final payment via bank transfer or card payment, which ever method was set up for you previously. 
However, please confirm via email which method you prefer to make your payments by, so that we can add this to our paperwork and there is no misunderstandings along the way. 
There is no VAT to pay on our products as yet and all items supplied by us remains the property of Birch Tree Cottage Workshop until paid for in full.


If for any reason your circumstances change and you are unable to go forward with the project, please let us know as soon a you can and we will see what we can do in order to help the situation. You may loose your initial deposit but we will see if we can work something out depending on the circumstance, we might be able to hold your order for a few months, until you are able to go ahead.


Please let us have your feedback on both your experience with us and your thoughts on our product/s. It is always good to hear from our clients after we have delivered/assembled your order.


It will be expected that you have checked everything before we leave your property but if there are any problems, please contact Birch Tree Cottage Workshop first to see what can be done to put things right, we are happy to change any faulty items if we are told within 14 days.

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