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OUR STYLISH POSH, WELL BUILT RUSTIC CABIN can be used as a GARDEN ROOM, WORK ROOM, STUDIO, HOME GYM, HOME OFFICE, MAN CAVE, OR SHE SHED, all hand made to residential specifications so you could even use it as a TINY HOUSE, HOLIDAY ACCOMMODATION, or indeed a BUNK HOUSE!!

Our Traditional Rustic Cabin/Garden Room to Tiny House is built in Cedar Wood with a Cedar Wood Shingle roof to match, and pictured below, can be insulated to your requirements with internal cladding of your choice. 
The internal layout can also be to your requirements as well as electricity fitments, a toilet/shower or store room and/or upstairs storage/bedroom space. 
If water, Electric etc, can be installed from the main house, then it would be ideal for a Tiny Home in the garden for young persons or for guests.

Rustic Cabin by Birch Tree Cottage Workshop. Built to order to your specifications by Birch Tree Cottage Workshop.

Building information:

Base & Deck @ 4m x 6.5m, base frame from 150mm x 50mm Tanalised timber on 9 x 2 block high plinths on a concrete pads, frame infilled with Plywood and insulation.
The main frame was done with treated 150mm x 50mm CLS timber and covered with Plywood and building paper and infilled with Kingspan insulation, various thicknesses available. 
Double glazed  casement windows, Roof covered with 20mm x 150mm treated sarking boards and building membrane and covered with Welsh Cedar wood shingles. 
External wall are clad with treated T&G Cedar wood weather board.
Internal walls are clad with 12mm untreated T&G cladding. Skirting boards are included and 2-5mm electric cable as first fix, to be completed by qualified electrician.  

Below: From the start of the build, first the floor joists are positioned and fixed to the base and then this one was insulated with 100m or 4" King Span with air flow gap. Then the 6" frame is covered with 6mm Ply and erected before a building membrane covers the outside walls and only then does the outside cladding go on. Then the timber floor is put down onto the joists, followed by the roofing and Cedar wood Shingles. The insulation value on this Rustic Cabin is better than most domestic houses so every one will be snug and comfortable inside.

Rustic Cabin and insulation by Cabin base by Birch Tree Cottage Workshop

Above: Base first then please note the thickness of the underfloor insulation fitted for extra warmth at 100mm or 4" thick as an optional extra on this build.

Rustic Cabin by Birch Tree Cottage WorkshopRustic Cabin by Birch Tree Cottage Workshop

Above: Walls going up.
Above Right: Decking boards going on to the front.

Rustic Cabin by Birch Tree Cottage WorkshopRustic Cabin internals by Birch Tree Cottage Workshop

Above:                                                             Above: Internals, 6mm Ply and                            
external cladding over sarcking &                      Showing the internal
building paper, then the shingle roof.                 Kingspan insulation
                                                                      and door frame going in. 

Rustic Cabin store room/shower room by Birch Tree Cottage Workshop.
Built to order to your specifications by Birch Tree Cottage Workshop.
Rustic Cabin internals, from door by Birch Tree Cottage Workshop

      Above: Front door, in this case a domestic grade Dutch Style Stable 
Above: Doorway to shower/store room. 

Rustic Cabin internals, storage/bedroom by birch Tree Cottage Workshop
Rustic Cabin internals by Birch Tree Cottage Workshop

         Above: Storage or bed area with bespoke         step ladder for easy access.

Rustic Cabin built to order to your specifications by Birch Tree Cottage Workshop.

Above: Internal wall cladding, @ 12m,
plus customers laminate flooring down and bedroom/storage area above. Electric lighting, sockets and outside veranda lighting all set up.

Right: Lined with T&G timbers under the overhang, plus Sadolin treated front door and windows, colour to customer requirements.

Prices start from £9,800.00 before upgrades and optional extra's. Please ring us to discuss your requirements, we will have a chat regarding your requirements and then we will email back a no obligation quote. 

Summary of Specifications for the building above but you have the freedom to choose what specifications you need as everything can be handmade to order:

This building stands @ 4m x 6.5m including front decking set on customers concrete and block base beneath: 
- Main frame constructed with treated 150mm x 50mm CLS timbers, covered with plywood & building paper and infilled with Kingspan insulation as requested by client. 
- Supplied upgraded with three double grazed domestic casement windows @ 1m x 900mm & one Dutch style stable domestic quality door with top window. 
- The roof is covered with 20mm x 150mm treated timber sarking board and roofing membrane, then covered with Welsh Cedar-wood Shingles. 
- Walls are clad with Cedar-wood weather board and include guttering and down pipes.
- The internal cladding on walls and ceiling are 12mm T&G untreated timber cladding.
- Decking with hand rail for an outside sitting area.

More information:

Storage/shower room can be added, size TBC with client.
Shower room fixtures & fittings to your requirements.
Overhead storage/double bed space above with bespoke chunky ladder.
You choose what insulation value (Kingspan) is required throughout, up to 100mm.
First fix electrics to customer requirements can be provided. We can provide 2.5mm electric cable installation (as first fix) for ring main, to be completed by qualified electrician (for second fix).
Extended decking and walk way with hand rails.
Scolloped edging on front gable-end.
Shelving on any of the internal walls.
Skirting boards.
Sadolin Super dec treatment to residential grade front door, windows and skirting boards.

POA as depends upon required specifications and the use of the building. Please ask for a quote.

Assembly charges:

Assembly charges will be calculated on the quantity/size of unit/s ordered, we will include this into your quote from the start so that you know that there are no unexpected shocks ahead.


Please note that there may be planning requirements in your area and we hold no responsibility, these are the clients responsibility to be dealt with accordingly in your area as different authorities may differ.


Terms & Conditions:


After building your Shed/Work Shop/Home office etc into unit sections here at Birch Tree Cottage Workshop, we will load and deliver to your site. It usually takes approximately one day per unit to assemble them for you depending on size and complexity, and we aim to be on site for 8am each working day. 

Accessibility to site:

Please let us know if we are able to off load on site, (where the unit/s will be assembled) we have a LWB Sprinter van and trailer or for larger orders a lorry will deliver panels and will not be able to "Off Road" as such to gain access. Some buildings can be delivered part assembled and placed on site via a mechanical crane.
Please advice when placing your order as any accumulating waiting time onsite may be charged for at cost.


We ask for a 25% deposit once your order is confirmed, this will be deducted from the total sum. We will email on an invoice, or it can be paid through a bank transfer. 
The remaining balance can either be paid Cash on Delivery, or a final payment via bank transfer or invoice, which ever method was set up for you previously. 
However, please confirm via email which method you prefer to make your payments by, so that we can add this to our paperwork and there is no misunderstandings along the way. 
There is no VAT to pay on our products as yet and all items supplied by us remains the property of Birch Tree Cottage Workshop until paid for in full.



Over the phone:
Your deposits and final payments can now be taken over the phone and we except all major card payments.

Bank Transfer:
We will confirm your payment on receipt of in coming payments.

We can email on a Paypal invoice to be paid via a card payment online.


If for any reason your circumstances change and you are unable to go forward with the project, please let us know as soon a you can and we will see what we can do in order to help the situation. You may loose your initial deposit but we will see if we can work something out depending on the circumstance, we might be able to hold your order for a few months, until you are able to go ahead.


Please let us have your feedback on both your experience with us and your thoughts on our product/s. It is always good to hear from our clients after we have delivered and assembled your order.


It will be expected that you have checked everything before we leave your property but if there are any problems, please contact Birch Tree Cottage Workshop first to see what can be done to put things right, we are happy to change any faulty items if we are told within 14 days unless otherwise agreed in writing before purchase.

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