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BIRCH TREE COTTAGE WORKSHOP is getting ready for Spring 2019 with our new range of Glamping Pods and add on products to suit a variety of tastes and budgets.

If you are in the U.K. and thinking of diversifying into the Glamping scene, or you would simply like to utalise more outside space on your property, then please email for more information on our new products and custom options...
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General Product Information....
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Hot tub and Glamping Pod or Sauna Barrel from Birch Tree Cottage Workshop
Info: Name of Product
Hot Tubs
Sizes available
Heating options
Prices @ £
Coming soon
Sauna Pods
Sizes available etc Specifications & options available.
Price @ £

General Product information

Glamping Pod with side doors, from Birch Tree Cottage WorkshopInfo: Name of Product
Family size Glamping Pods
Home office/Garden Studio/Outdoor class room..
Coming soon
Sizes available etc
Specifications & options available
Price @ £

General Product information

Glamping Pods on site. Order from  Birch Tree Cottage WorkshopInfo:Name of Product

Coming soon
Sizes available etc
Specifications & options
Price @ £

General Product information

Glamping Pods on site, order from Birch Tree Cottage Workshop.Info:Name of Product

Coming soon
Sizes available etc
Specifications & options
Price @ £


Terms & Conditions:

DIY Assembly:

After delivering your Glamping Pod/Garden Office/Class room etc, from here at Birch Tree Cottage Workshop, we can deliver to your site for you to assemble yourselves. This saves on labour costs for the number of workers required to travel and perhaps for stay out payments needed for our staff while working away. 

BTC Assembly:

Birch Tree Cottage Workshop, will load and deliver to your site then assemble it/them for you on site. We have an assembly charge for this service which will added to your quote from the beginning so that you are aware of the cost.
It usually takes approximately one day per unit to assemble them for you depending on size, and we aim to be on site for 8am each working day. 

Accessibility to site:

Please let us know if we are able to off load on site, (where the unit/s will be assembled or placed) we have a LWB Sprinter van and trailer or for larger orders a lorry will deliver and will not be able to "Off Road" as such. If this is not possible, are there any other means of taking them across to the site? Please advice when placing your order as any accumulating waiting time onsite will be charged for at cost.


We ask for a 25% deposit once your order is confirmed, this will be deducted from the total sum. This can be paid by card payment over the telephone or through a bank transfer for which details will be forwarded on.
The remaining balance can either be paid Cash on Delivery, or a final payment via bank transfer or card payment, which ever method was set up for you previously. 
However, please confirm via email which method you prefer to make your payments by, so that we can add this to our paperwork and there is no misunderstandings along the way. 
There is no VAT to pay on our products as yet and all items supplied by us remains the property of Birch Tree Cottage Workshop until paid for in full.


If for any reason your circumstances change and you are unable to go forward with the project, please let us know as soon a you can and we will see what we can do in order to help the situation. You may loose your initial deposit but we will see if we can work something out depending on the circumstance, we might be able to hold your order for a few months, until you are able to go ahead.


Please let us have your feedback on both your experience with us and your thoughts on our product/s. It is always good to hear from our clients after we have delivered/assembled your order.


It will be expected that you have checked everything before we leave your property but if there are any problems, please contact Birch Tree Cottage Workshop first to see what can be done to put things right, we are happy to change any faulty items if we are told within 14 days.

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